1. The Magic, The Memories and You – Stunning nighttime spectacular at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

    January 29, 2012 by The Disneyhead

    It’s time to draw.  Get out your pen and paper.  Or how about a box of chalk and a convenient sidewalk.  Or maybe your preference is sharpies on the bathroom wall – just kidding!

    What if you had a chance to draw with lights, video, photos, and digital graphics on Cinderella Castle?  “No way” you say?  Well starting in 2011 Imagineers started doing just that.  Using high-power projection systems and digital mapping techniques the surface of Cinderella Castle in Walt Disney World is transformed through animation, photography, digital graphics, and Disney technical ingenuity. (more…)

  2. Dick is not the only Van Dyke allowed on property anymore

    by The Disneyhead

    Let’s hear it for facial hair!  In a reversal of nearly 60 years of grooming tradition, Walt Disney World has agreed to allow its male cast members to grow beards or goatees.  Disney has always enforce a very rigid code of appearance for all of its employees in an attempt to set itself apart from the carnivals and midway attractions that competed for its guests. (more…)